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Get Your Life In Balance with Health Triangle

Health is a choice for you to make. Make health your priority, so you become the priority to yourself.

The health triangle is also known as the wellness triangle. Also, it is a measure of your overall well-being representing the balance and efficiency of the body. Physical, mental, and social health are three sides of the triangle.

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All the three sides contribute towards your health. Moreover, they affect overall wellness of your body. Further, the balance of triangle is the optimal state of your body. On achieving this optimal state, the body performs well.

How Did the Health Triangle Originate?

The health triangle originated in the year 1997. It was part of one of the projects of Alaska Middle School to measure overall health. Besides, the research was a part of the district’s health curriculum spanning over ten days. Further, the students wrote down essays focusing on troubling health issues.

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Finally, the research detailed three critical aspects of health. The physical, mental, and social health were the highlights. The creators used an equilateral triangle representing the three sides of health. Moreover, the health triangle acted as a graph to measure these three health aspects.

All three components equally contribute towards a balanced health triangle. After all, the three components help in the overall well-being of the body. WHO defines “health” as the perfect balance between social, mental, and physical health.

Why is the health triangle important

The health triangle is an essential concept that highlights the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and social well-being. It emphasizes that optimal health cannot be achieved by focusing solely on one aspect while neglecting the others. The physical aspect encompasses aspects such as nutrition, exercise, and disease prevention. Mental health involves emotional well-being, cognitive functioning, and stress management. The social aspect addresses the quality of relationships, support networks, and community engagement.

By recognizing and nurturing all three dimensions, individuals can achieve a balanced and holistic approach to their well-being. The health triangle serves as a reminder that neglecting any one area can have a significant impact on overall health and highlights the importance of maintaining a harmonious equilibrium between physical, mental, and social well-being.

How Important are the three sides of a Health Triangle?

Mostly, there is a stereotype in our minds about health. We tend to focus on physical aspect of health more. But, your mental health and social health are equally crucial for a truly healthy body and mind.

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A health triangle is like a structure supported by the three sides. If one side weakens, then the overall structure becomes unstable.

Moreover, a weakened structure is at a higher risk of facing health issues. Thus, you have to prioritize every aspect of health. You should perform activities that benefit all sides.

What is Physical Health?

Physical health is more to do with the body’s ability to function normally. Also, in a physically fit body there is no damage to internal or external body parts. It is a state of well-being for your body. Further, all your organs, body parts, cells, and tissues are working in sync in this state.

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Additionally, physical health relates to the overall physical wellness of the body. A fit body can perform essential functions and daily activities without any restrictions.

Therefore, it requires continuous attention from our eating habits to exercise routines. Physical fitness reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Moreover, it helps you maintain high energy levels for longer years of well-being.

What is Mental Health?

To maintain a stable health triangle, one should not overlook the mental aspect of health. However, mental health is a vast topic and often differs from person to person.

Anxiety is part of our emotions


But, dictionary has a particular definition for mental health. It is a state of functioning with a satisfactory behavioral and emotional well-being level.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), mental health has varied aspects. It includes psychological and emotional well-being affecting our feelings, thoughts, and acts.

Mental health is important.


Additionally, it influences our ability to handle stress and being optimistic about life. When you are down and depressed, and negativity creeps on you. Then, the health starts deteriorating because of such factors. For a healthy body, a healthy mind is essential.

What is Social Health?

How comfortable you are in social situations is an indicator of your social health. Moreover, it also takes into account interpersonal relationships. Mostly, the relationships with your family, friend circle, and society at large.

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Your communication and ability to establish and maintain relationships affect your social health. Also, being in isolation and loneliness can have adverse effects on health. It affects both physical and mental health. Thus, having a social life can do a world of good to your overall health and wellness.

How to improve your Physical, Mental, and Social Health? Here Are Some Examples

For Physical Health

Start Eating A Healthy And Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is the perfect fuel for your body to remain healthy. Mostly, a balanced diet is nutritious and healthy. It includes essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

A balance diet include mix of all nutrients


Stay Hydrated

Water makes up 60%-70% of the body. Moreover, it plays a significant role in your physical fitness. Staying hydrated helps you with digestion and is essential for a healthy body.

Drink water to stay hydrated.


Have A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep has several health benefits. First of all, it recharges your body for the day. Moreover, it plays a critical role in boosting metabolism. It strengthens the immune system and overall physical wellness.

A good night’s sleep recharges your body.


Regular Exercise

You must engage your body in regular exercise. Exercise improves blood circulation and boosts energy levels. A simple walk every day, doing yoga or cardio exercise can help weight loss and overall fitness.

Stay in shape with regular exercise


For Mental Health

Practice Meditation Daily

Meditation helps to reduce stress, anxiety and calm your mind. Moreover, it improves your concentration power, focus, and attention. Meditation is scientifically proven to improve overall mental health along with managing depression.

Meditation calms your mind.


Consult a Therapist or Counselor

Visiting a therapist is as normal as seeing a physician. Besides, a mental check-up once a month helps a lot in dealing better with distressing thoughts and emotions.

A woman and her therapist


Start Journaling

If you can’t express your feelings to others, you can write them down in a journal. Journaling helps you to express thoughts, emotion and channelize them productively.

A person writing down their thoughts


For Social Health

Community Building

Socializing within a community helps you to connect with people. Mainly, it is a place for you to exchange ideas and contribute to building a community.

Friends and families



Human networks are essential in improving social health. Moreover, it can benefit you in many ways, from making friends to meeting new people who may prove to be something special.

Build a strong network.


Contribute to a Social Cause

Go out to events in which you can give back to society. Also, it makes you feel good and is a place to interact and adds to your social life.

Which factors affect your Health Triangle?

Health has specific determinants which affect your health. Some are controllable, and others you don’t have any control over. So, focus on controllable factors.

Genetics and Biological Factors

You can’t control this factor. Besides, genetics are inherited conditions that regulate your lifestyle. However, one can manage it to certain extents if they are willing to work on it.

A mother teaching her son



The environment in which you live affects your health triangle. Also, access to health care, financial stability, nutrition are factors for good health.

Access to health care



Technology can prove to be a boon and bane for your health. Moreover, it depends on how you use it. Using technology to improve health is like a bane. Take, for example, using fitness trackers and apps for Meditation. On the other hand, technology is harmful if you overuse it. It has health issues like eye strain, neck pain, negativity. So, one should use it in limit.

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Support Network

Family and friends play a significant role in keeping your health triangle balanced. Also, they provide emotional support and work as a support group.


Your health resembles a triangle where all sides work together. Just like all sides of an equilateral triangle, it is equal in length. Likewise, equal importance to mental, physical, and social health is necessary. So, you shouldn’t neglect any one aspect of health at the expense of the other two. It can lead to health imbalances in the body. Lastly, when all the sides of your health triangle work together, you truly become healthy.