Best Weight Loss Challenge - Find what works for you

Best Weight Loss Challenge – Find what works for you

People often have a goal in their mind to shred out the extra fats which they are carrying. In order to do this, they often indulge themselves in various types of workouts and diets. But, not always they in return give them the wanted results. People at some point in time become clueless and feel like weight loss is not their cup of tea.

What is a weight loss challenge?

Weight loss is not a process, it’s a journey which one has to live every day until they reach their goal. But the main issue comes into play when people merely treat it as their goal and start showing negligence. So, weight loss challenges came in to picture where this journey is divided into small challenges and tasks and people do it step by step. So, let us see the various weight loss challenges which people can take up.

Weight Loss Challenge

7 days weight loss challenge

Yes, so read that right, it’s a 7 days weight loss challenge. If you are ready to give in your 100 percent then this will in return give you lots of joy. But remember, since it’s a small duration challenge, dare not have a cheat sheet or cheat meal, else that would destroy the goal. So, let’s see how to burn those extra kilos in no time.

Warm-up is a crucial beginning of your day before jumping into exercises. Make sure to do your stretches to avoid any injuries. Now then since you have your body ready for the exercises let’s start this challenge.

Constantly monitor your weight

Day1: Slow and steady wins the race

Well, this works in real life very effectively. People often have a habit of pushing themselves to the limit the very first day and then lie down for the next 2 days and repeat the cycle. This would never let you succeed in your weight loss journey. So, make sure that you are starting slowly and getting into the flow with jumps, skipping, squats, spot running, and burpees 2 set each. We will have jumps, burpees, and skipping on each day of this 7 days weight loss challenge.

Day2: Let’s have some Cardio

Since now you have developed a good baseline, it’s time to do some cardio and core exercises. So have high knees, Chin-ups, mountain climbing added to your list along with other routine exercises and now we will slowly increase the reps and will do 3 sets each.

Day3: The lower body is important as well

Now then we have started it off well with some cool exercises, it’s time to focus on the lower body. We will add lunges, jumping squats and calves raises to the regular stuff. Remember with time passing on we must focus on increasing the reps and also the number of sets. We leave it on you to decide that how many reps and sets are enough for you. 5 sets each and 5-7 reps in each set would be recommended though.

Day4: Get back to the upper body

It’s time to include the world’s most-followed and most effective exercise into the routine, Push-ups. For those who can’t do the normal pushup straight away begin with knee pushups slowly. We will get back to high knees along with knee-pushups/regular pushups to get back the focus on the upper body. We once again leave the reps and number of sets up to you.

Day5: Time to get Popeye arms

A fit body would not look so good without well-toned arms. Most of the fats get stored around the arm region and hence it’s necessary to shred them out. So, now one must add triceps pushups, close-in pushups, and planks into their routine to get rid of those extra fats. Now since you have only 2 days left in the challenge, so double the number of jumps and skips you were doing earlier to get more impactful results.

Day6: Focus on the waist region

The waist is one of the regions which stores fats. It’s really hard to get rid of those easily. In order to do so, one must add jumping twists, sidekicks, and side planks to their routine exercises. These help in burning out the extra fats quite easily.

Day7: The Judgement Day

Well after so many efforts during this entire duration one must not relax since it’s the last day of the challenge. Rather, go hard on the cardio would be the advice. Inclusion of crunches and stairs into the routine would help the cause. If these exercises are followed with discipline on each of the days then the weighing machine will speak it for you.

Once your goal is achieved with the 7 days challenge, don’t settle there. Go for the bigger picture. The 30 days weight loss challenge.

30 Days weight loss Challenge

As a fitness freak one must understand the fact it is 50% about the exercises and the rest 50% about the diet that is being followed by you. So, in this challenge, we will not only focus on the exercises part but also on the diet aspect of the weight loss journey.

Now following the 7 days challenge you must have got the idea of how to manage the workload and increase the intensity with time. A week’s time span is still a smaller one, when it comes to a month or a 30 days challenge, it has more worth.

We will keep the things simple, here is the list of exercises to be followed each day. The idea is to keep the best 7 exercises on the list and increase the reps after each cycle i.e. 7 days. To understand it better, here is the chart;


Day1: 10 Pushups and getting into the flow

Day2: 10 High-Knees with a focused aim

Day3: 10 Lunges with lowering the intake of sugar

Day4: 10 Squats and avoid Oily stuff

Day5: 10 Pullups and Mountain Climbing with rejection to refined carbs

Day6: 10 Burpees and forget carbonated and sweet drinks

Day7: Dedicate it to all types of planks and enjoy your cheat day

Push yourself each day

So, this is the basic plan and week cycle which has to be followed during the entire 30 days, only the reps increase by 10 in each week and each cycle. For instance, in the second week there will be 20 reps on each day for each exercise. For the third cycle, we will push to 30 reps and in the last phase of this master plan, we will push to the extreme 40 reps on each day.

With time you would have learned to get going with the flow. Your diet would be complete now even without desserts. You would have forgotten what’s that oily and refined stuff. Drinks won’t tempt you anymore and discipline would have shown its result on the weight machine.

So, if you are someone who has a long-term goal of maintaining a good shape then this is it. It’s just not going to keep you fit physically but also help you avoid all the junks which result in unnecessary fats.

20 Pounds Weight loss challenge

Some people are certain and calculated enough in their lives. They only want to get rid of certain kilos or pounds from their bodies. Here is another curious challenge that will help in shedding 20 pounds, but again, do remember you can do any exercise for any number of days, but diet is most important. We have covered a lot of exercise-related stuff already, lets talk about diet-related stuff which would help in this challenge.

  • Increase Water Intake: This is the most crucial step in the weight loss journey. Medical facts prove the statement as drinking plenty of water enhances the body’s metabolism. This also helps in burning calories at a faster rate.
  • Increase Protein Intake: Having protein-rich food helps in reducing belly fats and decrease calorie intake. It helps in getting rid of the extra cravings which cause fat gains most of the time.
  • Increase Fiber content in Food: Fiber intake in a good amount helps in making you feel full most of the time during the day. Since fiber moves slowly down the stomach lane it stops you from having anything junk or unwanted. This is important in the weight loss journey.
  • Keep Track of your Calories: We often have seen people maintaining journals and calculating their calorie intakes. This is one of the most important things to do in the weight loss journey. Once we are aware during the day that how much calorie is more needed, it makes it easier to decide on what diet has to be taken. Being self-aware about yourself holds the key to this adventurous ride.
Keep track of your calories

Now, then following these simple changes to the regular diet would help in losing 20 pounds with ease. But, can we go beyond this? How about 30 pounds?

30 Pounds Weight Loss Challenge

Since the aim is big, so get ready to add up a few more stuff to what we have already discussed. Here are few more tips to lose more pounds in a really quick succession of time.

  • Switch your focus on Weight Training: Weight training is a part of resistance training that helps in increasing endurance. It helps in enhancing the body’s metabolism that helps in fat loss even being at rest. It allows the entire body to lose out on the calories quite easily.
  • Try to avoid Carbs: We know that carbs or refined carbs do no good to your body. Still, people do consume it for taste and out of choices which results in weight gains. But, it is always wise to decrease the carbs intake during the weight loss journey. Also, it is advisable to stay away from sugary stuff as well.
  • Giving proper rest to Body: Studies also adore the fact that one must have an ample amount of rest and sleep to keep going on this journey. Leaving diets and exercises aside, sleep also has a vital role to play in this. Sleep not just provides the needed rest for the body but also provides the rejuvenation for the person to continue their efforts.
  • Stay Focused: Finally, the most important thing is to stay focused during this entire journey. People often start off seeing others, getting motivated by other sources but ultimately falter after the start. Hence, it’s important to stay focused on to aim of losing weight throughout this journey.
Make sure that you are focused enough on your weight loss goals

Which challenge is best for weight loss?

Challenge yourself each day

Well, here we saw different types of weight loss challenges but which one is best is up to you and your goals. There are people who just shred extra pounds for some family functions, few do it out of passion, few do it on medical recommendation. Since the cause for it are different the way to approach and begin this weight loss journey must also be different. So, decide wisely what’s your goal to start your journey and wisely follow any of these challenges to get into better shape. Breathe out and Shred out!