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7 Chakra mediation to balance energy and happiness

Chakra Meditation
Chakra Meditation

We have associated emotions with certain parts of our body. Have you ever noticed that you touch your belly button after you have finished the food, your eyebrows furrows out when you get angry and you get an headache after thinking too much. This coincidence is due to the 7 Chakras present in our body. Derived from the Sanskrit word “Chakra” meaning wheel or cycle, a Chakra is a point present along the spinal cord that is used for peaceful mediation since ancient times. If you want to do something more than the traditional mediation, a healing Chakra mediation for awakening the 7 points will purify your mind and soul, makes you connect deeply with yourself and live a more healthy and happier lifestyle. Just like the seven colors of rainbow, each Chakra have it’s own color from red of Root to violet of Crown. If you are a beginner and wants to awake your Chakras, here is the complete guide –

Root Chakra

Red Root Chakra, the first point in Chakra meditation
Red Root Chakra, the first point in Chakra meditation

Present at the base of the spine, just above the anus, Root Chakra is the point signifying stability of life, grounding and basic needs.

Needed for – Feeling secured, grounded, enthusiastic, safe and stable.

Color – red

Mantra – LAM

Sacral Chakra

Orange Sacral Chakra, the second point in Chakra meditation
Orange Sacral Chakra, the second point in Chakra meditation

Sacral Chakra is found at lower abdomen, a few inches below the belly button behind the genitals. The Chakra is related with sexuality, creativity and procreation.

Needed for – this Chakra signifies creativity, passion, lust, joy, friendship and healthy bladder.

Color – Orange

Mantra – VAM

Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra, the third point in Chakra meditation
Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra, the third point in Chakra meditation

Solar Plexus is responsible for controlling the individual power. Located in the belly button region between the ribcage and the naval, the Chakra affects our relationship with the world with emotions in the form of joy, greed, confidence and generosity.

Needed for – feeling confident, energetic, productive, and brave and for healthy muscles.

Color – Yellow

Mantra – RAM

Heart Chakra

Green Heart Chakra, the central point in Chakra meditation
Green Heart Chakra, the central point in Chakra meditation

This Chakra is located in the center of all the seven Chakras right within our heart and divides the upper Chakras of spirit from lower Chakras of matter. This central point carries love, hate, connection and emotions.

Needed for – feeling empathy, compassion, making connections with others, understanding, spiritual awareness, forgiveness and love.

Color – Green

Mantra – YAM

Throat Chakra

Blue Throat Chakra, the fifth point in Chakra meditation
Blue Throat Chakra, the fifth point in Chakra meditation

This Chakra is located right in the the throat and as such, signifies the importance of speaking truth and everything about communicating with others, having an impact on our self expression and creative power.

Needed for – communicating effectively with others, gratefulness, expressing oneself, impressing others, having a clean mind and avoiding thyroid problems.

Color – Blue

Mantra – HAM

Third Eye Chakra

Blue Third Eye Chakra, the sixth point in Chakra meditation
Blue Third Eye Chakra, the sixth point in Chakra meditation

As it’s strongly believed, the gap between our two eyebrows on the forehead is the spot of the Third Eye Chakra and is related with a true understanding of oneself and the world around. It allows us to talk with the universe in a divine way. The Chakra controls emotions like wisdom, temper and awareness.

Needed for – having a good awareness about oneself and people around, decent imaginative power; for healthier eyes and calm mind.

Color – Indigo

Mantra – SHAM

Crown Chakra

Violet Crown Chakra, the uppermost point in Chakra meditation
Violet Crown Chakra, the uppermost point in Chakra meditation

This point that is found at the top of the head is the crown of Chakras that makes us build the most divine connection with whole of the universe and creates a sense of bless.

Needed for – understanding your existence, knowing who you are in this world, feeling open minded, enlightened and for a healthy mind.

Color – Violet

Mantra – OM

7 steps for Chakra Mediation

How to do Chakra Meditation for beginners
How to do Chakra Meditation for beginners

The importance of awakening your Chakras with the help of meditation is that it improves your mental awareness and emotional balance. A Chakra meditation helps you to unblock your senses. A step by step guide about how to do a Chakra meditation is given below –

  1. The first step for doing a Chakra meditation is to sit at a comfortable place away from any noise. Sit calmly on the floor at this very space with your spine straight but not rigid. Chakra meditation gives you the benefits of connecting with your body and soul while concentrating on your breathing, so choose a nice peaceful environment to meditate.
  2. The second step while doing Chakra meditation is to focus on your breathing. Slowly cast your eyes downwards and concentrate on you breathe in and breathe out. Feel that the air full of oxygen is getting inside your body from nose and is getting outside while you breathe out releasing all the impurities out of your body. Visualize your lungs being puffed with the air. Hold on your breath for a few seconds and feel the oxygen reaching every part of body through blood. Feel that the organs, muscles and cells of the bosy are being nourished and toxins are being released out with every breath.
  3. The next step in Chakra meditation is to get more close with your heart. Let your heart pump out the oxygen rich blood to every cell of your body. Listen to the quaint voice of your heartbeats and get a deep insight of your immune system. You will realize that all your body parts work in complete harmony with each other and makes you function properly. Your breath sustains all the organs and body as a whole.
  4. In this step of Chakra meditation, you need to work on concentrating on the individual Chakras. Always start from the Root Chakra. Imagine a energy wheel that has been swirling over in clockwise motion. With every breath you take, the energy wheel is swirling too and is getting stronger and brighter. Imagine an other source of energy. This source is coming from the heart. This source of energy is making the energy wheel even more brighter.
  5. After concentrating on the root Chakra, energize the other Chakras from Sacral, Solar Plexus to Third Eye, Crown Chakra. Remember to complete all the Chakras in a uniform direction starting from bottom to top and do not skip any one in between. Focusing on the upper Chakra before lower one can have adverse effect as the energy of the Chakras affect each other. Remember that each one is different and one may require more time on a Chakra than the other. Complete energizing your Chakra according to your requirement.
  6. Notice that if all the Chakras are in alignment with each other. Visualize your Chakra being fed by the energy of the earth and that of your breath. Allow your Chakras to hum, spin and vibrate with energy. Immediately do a full body scan of yourself while your Chakras are in alignment. Feel that the aura is getting brighter and super charged from the life giving energy and see all your Chakras.
  7. Feel the energy being going from your crown to root and feeding your whole body. Now, slowly open your eyes and feel the peace surrounding your body and soul. Trust your gut and make changes in your Chakra meditation as per yoyr need. Normally, a meditation of 15 – 30 minutes is enough for a goof mediation session for all your Chakras.

This complete set of steps will help any beginner do a Chakra meditation in unblocking all the seven points. However, if you want to focus on a particular Chakra in your meditation, you can follow the initial steps and then go straight to the point that you want to improve. For instance, if you want to expand your eyesight, you need to turn on your Third Eye Chakra. You will begin as usual and then come directly to Third Eye Chakra. You will focus on the energy wheel that is spinning with every breath you take and is getting clearer and brighter. The energy of your breath and that of earth along with the vibration of the mantra you chant awakes your Chakra.

A person with his/her Chakras being not balanced or aligned can face problems like instability of emotions, extreme greed, fear and lust, sadness, frustration and even physical problems like digestive issues, headaches, backaches, fever, muscle cramps and weak eyesight. But when you do Chakra meditation and balance your Chakra, you get benefits like strong body, physical fitness as well as emotional stability, consistency in thoughts and feelings and getting a complete acquaintance with your body and mind. A person who practices Chakra meditation can easily face negativity, feel more comfortable when dealing with life challenges and make ways for more positive thoughts. One who have these power points of energy balanced get a complete sense of his self.